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rokuro ceramics

Valentine's Day Limited Edition Bundle

Each bundle consists of:

One A5 botanical frame of freshly pressed flowers

and photo/illustration of your favourite memory


One random pick handmade ceramic dish with

real foliage imprints (between ø 11.5 - 15cm)

View dishes HERE.

SGD 64 each​

(usual price SGD 80)

*limited to 5 sets only*

Orders will close by 7 February 2022 (Mon)

& will be delivered by 12 February 2022 (Sat).

slow made & handcrafted


Co-founded by two friends,

Samantha and Michelle wanted

to put their bouquets to good use instead of leaving them in the

corner of their house. 

After conceptualising

different flowers and designs,

they now offer dried flowers

frame with a customised photo

where you can frame up

your favourite memory

with your loved ones.

Follow their journey and

process on Instagram.


"It was on one very early morning run where the sun just filtered through

the trees at the right angle and drew my attention to fresh foliage that

had fallen to the ground. So I just picked some up on a whim and began the slow-making process of pressing them into clay and molding them into the form of dishes.


I took the time to explore techniques such as embossing and sgrafitto, experimented and observed the impressions from various plants.

It was a calming, unhurried process that allowed me to understand clay

a little better and truly helped

center the soul."

- Li Min, Rokuro Ceramics

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